My Elitmus 2014 Experience

Hello Everyone ,

I am a Engineering Fresher 2014 batch . I like my friends didn’t took the on campus drives seriously in my college . As a result of which i am still jobless and is very much desperately looking for one.

As a Job seeker in Delhi  i would like to tell you that if you are looking for a Technical Job in Delhi or Noida , then it is definitely not a good place to search . You should probably try searching in Bangalore or Hyderabad as you wont face much problems there . Here you will find a lot of fraud companies and consultancies , which will charge you money and will trick you 110% .

Well , i would like to share you my first e litmus experience . My exam was on 7-Dec-2014 in Delhi . I reached there 5 minutes late but it was ok as an additional half an hour is being provided by them for filling forms and instructions and all . I was very much tensed about the quantative and logical part as i havent prepared well for it.

As far as i think you only have to prepare for some topics like

For quantitative sections

#Permutations and Combinations


#Time and work

#Number system


Tip : Try not to solve all the questions , only solve the one you know the exact solutions . You only have to score 60 marks in this section so try to solve 6 questions or more correctly.

For Logical you should go for


#Arrangements Problems

#Some Common sense questions were there but they were too tricky


Tip: Dont make any guesses and you should score 60 + to get 90+ percentile in this section.

For verbal part

It was the lengthiest part and i solved it first and i scored 94 percentile in this section .

It contained like 2 lengthy passages with few questions in it.

Some fill in the blanks

Antonyms and Synonyms

Grammar questions were there

Tip : Try solving more from this part as if you score 120 in this section then only you will be able to score 90+ percentile .

You can download two real Elitmus paper from here  :ElitmusPaper



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