What you visualize is materialized

It’s been around 7 months from now of me working as an ax developer. I in that time not inly focused on my working skills but also on physical and mental skills as well.

I started doing gymming and started taking interest in phsychological terms. I was so eager to know the true meaning of life so i started reading holy gita( which provided a lots of solutions for my queries).
I was wandering on internet when i found the concept of visualization in which it is said that whatever you want in your life you just need to imagine and visualize it accordingly, for which my curosity bosted and i started experimenting stuffs like, on my way to office i visualize a traffic free route and when i got late for office i visualize everyone got busy or late as well(which as a matter of fact happened most of the time).

I now believe in the concept of visualization to materialization do you ??


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