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The magic of Microsoft Dynamics Ax

Hie Guys ,

Its me again , but this time i have something to tell you all . I finally got my first job . A huge thanks to my uncle who helped me out getting this job . The profile is Microsoft Dynamics Ax developer . i was very much confused about the job profile as i thought that i was a part of microsoft now but later i realized that it was just a interface which is being developed and provided by microsoft .

I had a reserch on this profile and was amazed to know that i am being too lucky too have this post . As in this the chances of going abroad are too much . All i need to do is to learn the work and to gain experience of around 2 years .

Here are few benifits of Microsoft Dynamics which i shared from westerncomputers.com

Benefits of Microsoft Dynamics AX (formerly Axapta)

Work smarter with role centers and powerful business intelligence

Microsoft Dynamics AX can help your employees improve productivity by providing out-of-the-box, RoleTailored access to information, tasks and business processes. Gain deeper insight into critical business data across your organization with relevant performance indicators based on predefined data cubes and flexible analytical tools.

Microsoft Dynamics AX can provide your organization with compelling business value in a single solution that extends into every area of your operations to:

Improve productivity

Familiar, easy-to-use tools and access to RoleTailored information and tasks enable employees to work quickly and make smart, proactive decisions.

Manage change and growth

Scale your business systems and adapt processes easily with a single solution that can support your strategic initiatives and help manage change in the marketplace, such as new product launches and mergers and acquisitions. Build more profitable partnerships and respond swiftly to change by integrating processes and sharing information and documents.

Compete globally

Manage the complexities of a global organization with one centralized multi-country, multi-Language, multi-site solution that helps you standardize processes and gain visibility across your organization while keeping on top of changes in local regulations.

Simplify compliance

Stay ahead of regulatory compliance and reduce risk and liability associated with corporate governance and customer initiatives.

Streamline business processes across locations and countries

Provide support for shared service centers for greater standardization across the organization and take advantage of economies of scale to reduce redundancy and operational costs. Integrated, Web-based expense management helps ensure employees follow your company’s best practices. In addition, new multi-site capabilities enable your growing organization to plan and allocate materials and resources smoothly across facilities. Internal sales representatives can provide accurate delivery dates using available-to-promise (ATP) and capable-to-promise (CTP) functionality.


My Infosys Drive Experience Plus ( Previous placement papers of Infosys)

Hello Everyone

I gave my SE-Off campus drive of Infosys on 9th Nov 2014 in Hamirpur College , Delhi. It was a good experience as i made few good friends there .So my first round was written round which was a online exam . It contained three sections Quant , logical and Verbal section mainly .

It was not very tough and i was not very much nervous that time because there was no negative marking in it . Like my every exam i was very much confident in my verbal part . There were 15 question of quantitative as far as i remember . I got selected in that exam and had my final interview on 11th Nov . As i am from technical background the HR asked me about few concepts of Java and basic oops concepts and also he asked me to write program of polymorphism . As i was the last person of his panel and he was in some kind of hurry , he didn’t paid  much attention on me , He asked my exact percentage which was 64.9 and i mentioned 65 in my cv . He wrote on my cv

“Kindly check his percentage , his percentage is 64.9 “

And i got a regret mail thereafter. But trust me i tried my level best and i think there is something left from my side . I advice you peoples to be more Honest and confident in front of the HR , rest all depends upon luck

Here is some of the previous year placement papers of Infosys . Hope it will help you out . 🙂


(www.entrance-exam.net)-January 2011 Infosys Placement Paper (www.entrance-exam.net)-Infosys-Aptitude–Paper-1 (www.entrance-exam.net)-Infosys (www.entrance-exam.net)-Infosys Question Paper 7 (www.entrance-exam.net)-Infosys Question Paper 6 (www.entrance-exam.net)-Infosys Question Paper 5 (www.entrance-exam.net)-January 2011Infosys Placement PaperII (www.entrance-exam.net)-January 2011Infosys Placement Paper III (www.entrance-exam.net)-January 2011 Infosys Placement Paper3 (www.entrance-exam.net)-January 2011 Infosys Placement Paper2 (www.entrance-exam.net)-Infosys Question Paper 4 (www.entrance-exam.net)-Infosys Question Paper 3 (www.entrance-exam.net)-Infosys Question Paper 2 (www.entrance-exam.net)-Infosys Question Paper 1 (www.entrance-exam.net)-Infosys Placement Sample Paper 7 (www.entrance-exam.net)-Infosys Placement Sample Paper 6 (www.entrance-exam.net)-Infosys Placement Sample Paper 5 (www.entrance-exam.net)-Infosys Placement Sample Paper 4 (www.entrance-exam.net)-Infosys Placement Sample Paper 3 (www.entrance-exam.net)-Infosys Placement Sample Paper 2 (www.entrance-exam.net)-Infosys Placement Sample Paper 1 (www.entrance-exam.net)-Infosys Placement Paper IV (www.entrance-exam.net)-INFOSYS PATTERN & INTERVIEW – 26 APR 2007 – LUCKNOW (www.entrance-exam.net)-(www.entrance-exam.net)-January 2011 Infosys Placement Paper

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