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My Infosys Drive Experience Plus ( Previous placement papers of Infosys)

Hello Everyone

I gave my SE-Off campus drive of Infosys on 9th Nov 2014 in Hamirpur College , Delhi. It was a good experience as i made few good friends there .So my first round was written round which was a online exam . It contained three sections Quant , logical and Verbal section mainly .

It was not very tough and i was not very much nervous that time because there was no negative marking in it . Like my every exam i was very much confident in my verbal part . There were 15 question of quantitative as far as i remember . I got selected in that exam and had my final interview on 11th Nov . As i am from technical background the HR asked me about few concepts of Java and basic oops concepts and also he asked me to write program of polymorphism . As i was the last person of his panel and he was in some kind of hurry , he didn’t paid  much attention on me , He asked my exact percentage which was 64.9 and i mentioned 65 in my cv . He wrote on my cv

“Kindly check his percentage , his percentage is 64.9 “

And i got a regret mail thereafter. But trust me i tried my level best and i think there is something left from my side . I advice you peoples to be more Honest and confident in front of the HR , rest all depends upon luck

Here is some of the previous year placement papers of Infosys . Hope it will help you out . 🙂


(www.entrance-exam.net)-January 2011 Infosys Placement Paper (www.entrance-exam.net)-Infosys-Aptitude–Paper-1 (www.entrance-exam.net)-Infosys (www.entrance-exam.net)-Infosys Question Paper 7 (www.entrance-exam.net)-Infosys Question Paper 6 (www.entrance-exam.net)-Infosys Question Paper 5 (www.entrance-exam.net)-January 2011Infosys Placement PaperII (www.entrance-exam.net)-January 2011Infosys Placement Paper III (www.entrance-exam.net)-January 2011 Infosys Placement Paper3 (www.entrance-exam.net)-January 2011 Infosys Placement Paper2 (www.entrance-exam.net)-Infosys Question Paper 4 (www.entrance-exam.net)-Infosys Question Paper 3 (www.entrance-exam.net)-Infosys Question Paper 2 (www.entrance-exam.net)-Infosys Question Paper 1 (www.entrance-exam.net)-Infosys Placement Sample Paper 7 (www.entrance-exam.net)-Infosys Placement Sample Paper 6 (www.entrance-exam.net)-Infosys Placement Sample Paper 5 (www.entrance-exam.net)-Infosys Placement Sample Paper 4 (www.entrance-exam.net)-Infosys Placement Sample Paper 3 (www.entrance-exam.net)-Infosys Placement Sample Paper 2 (www.entrance-exam.net)-Infosys Placement Sample Paper 1 (www.entrance-exam.net)-Infosys Placement Paper IV (www.entrance-exam.net)-INFOSYS PATTERN & INTERVIEW – 26 APR 2007 – LUCKNOW (www.entrance-exam.net)-(www.entrance-exam.net)-January 2011 Infosys Placement Paper

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